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What is the service that you offer?

Basically, the ultimate Stag Do. In France.  We offer tailor-made packages to a number of carefully selected French locations. Our basic offer includes flight, accommodation and activities! We can also arrange a minimum of three activities on site if you’ve already got the rest covered.


Most of us will be flying from England but we have some people coming from other parts of Europe, America and Mars… Can we organize the trip from various departure points?

You sure can! Well, actually, we can! Obviously, any worthy team has its share of non English players to  strengthen the squad and we don’t want anyone to miss out. We can arrange so that you can fly separately but all share the same accommodation etc. No sweat.


Is it possible to book without flight tickets?

Of course.  Your Stag Do. Your choice!


Can we choose specific times for each activity?

Some activities have a fixed schedule which is non interchangeable. This will be shown in the description of your quote. For others, it shouldn’t be a problem, providing that you make the request in writing at the time of reservation and don’t change your mind every 3 minutes!


Are you a serious agency?

Absolutely not. French TV channels M6, W9, Direct 8 and the famous French newspapers Le Parisien, Le Journal du Dimanche and l-Télé would disagree with us. Over 50,000 clients too. But what do they know!?

Jokes aside, we know from experience that the stag is perhaps one of the few times of year to get all the guys together. Our goal is to make it an unforgettable memory!


How do I request a quote?

Take a look at the ‘How it Works’ tab.


How do I pay?

With our good mates, Visa or Mastercard.


As the organiser, is it down to me to pay for the whole trip?

No, don’t worry, you won’t be receiving any calls of your bank because of us. Each participant can pay their own share via credit card by connecting to the payment link that we will very kindly send to him.


Can we pay with deposit?

 Yes, but it depends on the situation. We strongly recommend that you pay the entire amount immediately. This will save you a lot of stress and money.

 Give us a call and speak an advisor if you have additional questions regarding payment.


I want to change my program. How do I do this?

Send us a ‘wall’ message via your online account and we can change it for you. There’s no need to request a new quote for your Stag Do.


Doctor, doctor: We want to change dates? Is it serious?

No. Take a deep breath, send us a message on your online account and we will change it ASAP. However, this can only be done before booking. Once you have confirmed and paid for the Stag Do we cannot change any dates.


The brother of the cousin of the mother of the bride wants to come. Is this possible? Even at the last minute?

Are you sure he hasn’t been hired to spy on the groom? But yes, of course it’s possible. It’s our job to deal with these things so give us a call and we will get in touch with our partner hotels (if accommodation has been booked with us) and we’ll get back to you shortly.


How many quotes can I request?

A maximum of 3 per person. Are you having trouble deciding? The best way is to contact us directly so one of our well-travelled Stag Do experts can help. It will save us both time and you will get the best result!


We found other activities/restaurants/hotels? Can you contact them for us?

Our added value is to test all of our services to ensure their quality before offering them to you guys. We don’t reserve anything for our clients that we have tried, it’s against our policy.


We’re looking for specific dietary requirements (vegetarian, halal, kosher…) Can you help?

Sure. Even if it’s not mentioned on our website our agents will certainly be able to help you as much as they can.


How can I arrange a Crazy-Stag do??

Send an email to contact@crazy-stagdo.co.uk, fill in the booking form on whathappensinfrance.co.uk or call us on (coming soon)


Why is my nearest airport not listed in ‘departure city’?

Unless someone has accidentally forgotten to put your departure city online (the heads will roll!), your nearest airport doesn’t fly to your Stag Do destination. Or, the only flights offered are in excess of 400/500 EUR and we believe it would be a shame to spend so much on air transport. Make a quote anyway and if there is an alternative, select that and one of our agents will get back to you.


Do we have to go away for two nights?

No, all of our Stag Dos are tailor-made…when the flights allow this! As long as there are flights that can take you back and forth Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun (or any desired combination) then you’re A OK. However, for some destinations the flights are not so frequent so, bad luck, you’re going to have to party for another night!


Can I customise my own Stag Do?

Yes, of course! The packages shown on our website are just a proposal containing our favourite activities and, trust us, we know what we’re talking about. You can build your own Stag Do or choose one of our packages and spice it up a little... Everything is possible!


I want to organise accomodation and flights myself but can you give me a price for ‘Sailing + Striptease’?

All good things come in threes and you need to choose at least 3 activities in order for us to create a package for you. How about ‘Sailing + Striptease + Shooting’?


Do all of the destination guides speak English?

In general, yes. However if you’ve struggled with modern languages since school we’ll do our best to assign you a guide who sounds like the Queen.


We missed an activity, what do we do?

No activities can be cancelled last minute! Our providers have pre-booked the slot for your group and if you don’t turn up they will miss out and there will be no reimbursement. One tip is to book a "Sexy wake-up". For some reason, it puts everyone in good health for the rest of the day… Always worth a try!


I have already paid but I can’t come on the Stag Do anymore. What should I do?

Take a look at the Terms & Conditions to see if your cancellation falls within our refund policy. If this is the case, please send your refund request to service-clients@crazy-voyages.com. Remember to try and find someone to replace you as we can always do our best to find a solution.


Can we choose our stripper?

You can of course ask for specific physical characteristics that you think would particularly please, or indeed prank, the groom but we don’t have an Argos Catalogue of strippers available at hand. They all pretty much fill the same criteria: pretty, fun and open-minded…


Got a not-so-frequently-asked-question?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on (phone number coming soon) Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.