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Step 1: Request a Quote

After selecting a destination either select/ create your own package and then request a quote from Crazy-Stag Do by completing the online form.


  • It is important to include the date and the total number of people as the total price of your Stag Do depends on this information.
  • Set the program according to the preferences of the groom and the rest of the group (flights, accommodation type and daytime/evening activities)
  • You can submit a maximum of three requests.


All of our quotes are customised.


If you have already purchased flights and/or accommodation, we will organise the rest of the weekend for you.  Please note, there must be a minimum of three activities in this case.


Step 2: Crazy-Stag Do Send an Offer

If you sent your quote you should now have a personal account with us. Good stuff, this now means that all information will be posted to your account.


  • You will receive a tailor-made quote, based on the price of flight and the availability of the activities.
  • You will receive a quote which includes price per person.
  • You will be able to edit, share with your friends, ask questions in the comment area and you can call us and speak to an expert who will help you to refine your Stag Do.
  • You will also be able to request several different Stag Do programs dependant on the needs of the rest of the group (i.e. if some members need to fly from different airports, if someone will arrive earlier/later or if certain people do not want to participate in the all activities)


But watch out: the longer you wait to confirm and book your Stag Do, the more expensive flight/activities will become.  We recommend booking as soon as possible so that you can be sure to reserve the flights/activities that you want.


Step 3: Confirm and Pay for your Stag Do

When you confirm your Stag Do, the Crazy team verifies that the prices of flights and activities have not changed since your last quotation was sent.  During the validation process, you can choose the payment method: somebody pays the whole sum, everyone pays separately, and the groom’s share is split between everyone or specific distribution.


  • All payments paid by credit card on a secure site which is operated by the CIC bank. We are fully equipped with the 3D-Secure System.
  • Following your validation, the Crazy team will send payment invitations to the given individuals. You will then have a 24 hour time limit to guarantee the lowest price.
  • A timer will begin and all participants will be able to see the remaining time period for the payment.
  • If not all payments are made on time, you will receive the following options:


  1. The participants who have not paid cancel their reservation and prices will adjust accordingly.  The outstanding balance will then be left for the remaining participants to pay.
  2. The participants who have not paid wish to pay at a later date should contact Crazy-Stag Do immediately by email or phone. The original price will be increased and availability of services will not be guaranteed.


It is therefore really important to pay within 24 hours to ensure the best price and to all travel together with no issues.


Step 4: Itinerary and Flight Details are Sent

  • Once all payments have been sent the Stag Do will be fully confirmed.
  • A week before departure, your itinerary, flight details (if necessary) and some of our Crazy Tips will be published on your private account. These documents are downloadable and printable.


Crazy-Stag Do are, of course, available for any questions you may have before your departure, by email or phone.


Step 5: Tell Us What You Think!

We love feedback!


We are always happy to hear your impressions of Crazy-Stag Do and any great stories/pictures of your trip.